Sun’s situation is sometimes good and sometimes bad, and occasionally when he gets sick, there is no way to hurt people. Therefore, the Zhu family had to change some new people to come in every three or five times. However, they are all servants. The little maid who served in the south courtyard was like mud on the ground compared to the maids who served the ladies. What’s the name? What’s his name? Zhu Fu seemed to understand, thinking that early in the morning, the Second Master asked himself to inquire about whether there was a new person in the house, not just to inquire about this little girl, right? He immediately took over the conversation and asked. The maidservant’s name is Xiao Tao. When Zhu Jinlun saw that she was young and a half-grown child, he stopped criticizing her and said, “Since you are working in the south courtyard, what are you doing in the main courtyard?” “The maidservant came to pick jasmine flowers and took them back to Aunt Sun as medicine to calm the nerves.” The fragrance of jasmine is quiet, the color is white, and it has the function of peace of mind. It can also be used as medicine. It really has many good uses. However, the south side of the courtyard has always been deserted, there is no such flowers and plants. When Zhu Fu saw that the Second Master had asked one question after another, he said to himself, “I don’t think the Second Master has paid so much attention to any servant girl at ordinary times.”? Is it difficult to be taken a fancy to by the second master? Thinking of this, Zhu Fu narrowed his eyes again and looked at the little girl kneeling on the ground. He hurriedly said, “Our Second Master is talking to you. Can’t you always keep your head down?”? Raise your head quickly and let the Second Master have a look. When Xiao Tao heard this, she hesitated a little, but still raised her head. A pair of black and big eyes, full of panic,plastic pallet bin, round face with a little blush, thin eyebrows and cherry lips, small facial features, unforgettable. Although she was plain and clean, she did not look shabby at all, but set off her pure and lovely charm. Look like a child, beauty is so extraordinary, people can not help but feel surprised,euro plastic pallet, unexpected, and then, inadvertently, the eyes feel inseparable. Zhu Fu was stunned. “Hey,” he said, turning around and looking at Zhu Jinlun. “Oh, my second master, this little girl is a beautiful girl.” Zhu Jinlun also did not expect, while looking at the people in front of her, while secretly thinking: with her appearance, she should not be in the south side of the courtyard, should be in front of his wife and aunt, to attract people to love. Zhu Fu followed Zhu Jinlun for several years, and before and after, he had seen many beauties. However, it is rare to see such a coquettish and timid person. The woman on the romantic field is beautiful and charming, wholesale plastic pallet ,plastic wheelie bins, but there is also a faint evil spirit. She always feels that she is smiling at you and touching your money bag with her slender hand. She is very cunning. Zhu Jinlun thought a little and said, “When did you enter the mansion?” When Xiaotao heard this, she lowered her head again and replied timidly, “The maidservant only entered the mansion three days ago. She has been doing odd jobs in the south courtyard. I hope you will do me a favor and give the maidservant a way out. Don’t drive the maidservant out..” Zhu Fu stood aside, listening to her words can not help but secretly happy in the heart, in the end is the little girl family, do not understand anything. With her appearance, and with the expression of the Second Master now, how could she be kicked out? If you want to get rid of her, you have to “get rid of” her in your own yard. Zhu Fu looked at Zhu Jinlun’s face and saw that he frowned slightly. He said deliberately, “Second Master, calm down. You were frightened by this girl last night, and she came here again today. You can’t just let it go.” Sure enough, as he had expected, when Zhu Jinlun heard half of it, he turned his head and stared at him and said, “What can you do?”? I haven’t spoken yet, and you’re going to start dealing with it? “The younger one doesn’t dare,” said Zhu Fu hurriedly. “Isn’t the younger one afraid of being upset?”? The house is so big that there are so many lonely corners that the little one can send her to the backyard. Who said I was upset? You will be my master now. There was a hint of displeasure in Zhu Jinlun’s tone. Zhu Fu heard clearly and dared not be presumptuous any more. He bowed his head and asked, “What does that mean?” Zhu Jinlun’s eyes sank slightly. “Let’s go first.” He dropped only one sentence and turned away.
Zhu Fu stood there in a daze for a second. Then he hurried up, but when he thought about it, he thought it was wrong. He turned and looked at Xiao Tao, who was still kneeling on the ground. He whispered, “Girl, get up. You’ve met a noble person today. Go back and wait for the message.” Xiaotao looked at him with a puzzled face, then looked at Zhu Jinlun who was walking farther and farther, then hung his head again, stood up and ran back hurriedly. Zhu Fu caught up with Zhu Jinlun and said cautiously, “Second Master, let the little girl go back.” Zhu Jinlun lowered his eyes slightly and looked at the flagstone road at his feet. He did not speak for a long time. “Didn’t you say before that it was time to add some people to the yard?”? Hurry up to do it and find a few more clever people to come back. “When Zhu Fu heard this, his face brightened. He immediately understood what he meant. He nodded and said,” Yes, I understand. …… In the evening. When Zhu Jintang saw Shen Yuechen happily preparing dinner, he couldn’t help wondering, “What good thing did you meet today?”? Have you been so happy since this morning? Shen Yuechen set up the last pair of chopsticks, raised his head and said with a smile, “I do have a good thing. Grandmother sent a message to say that she is coming back to Texas.” Zhu Jintang raised his eyebrows and said, “Haven’t the old man always lived in the capital to enjoy a happy life?”? Why are you suddenly coming back? Shen Yuechen said lightly, “Grandmother has long said that she doesn’t like the environment in the capital and wants to return home to retire and live a quiet life for two days.”. Also, she has been thinking about the old house at home, saying that it is comfortable to live in. When Zhu Jintang heard this, he didn’t care too much. He just nodded and said, “That’s right.”. When I get old, there are always things in my heart that I can’t put down. It’s good for the old lady to come back, so that you can accompany her when you want to go out for a walk in the future. “Yes,” said Shen Yuechen, “when my grandmother comes back, I have another reason to be lazy.” At the beginning, when she left Beijing, the old lady said she would come back to Texas. And now, the old man is already on his way. Shen Yuechen knew that she had come back in such a hurry,wholesale plastic pallet, but left because she could not rest assured of herself. After dinner, Zhu Jintang went to the study as usual. Shen Yuechen did not accompany the children as usual, but took Wu Ma to the south courtyard to see Sun and Qin.

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