There is no one, no sound of breathing, no existence of any breath. Duguye frowned and looked sideways behind Helian Yunzhao. There was nothing, nothing unusual. Helian Yunzhao also turned his head and looked at the lonely night. There was no slight moisture in the water, and there was no abnormality. The two men looked at each other. Could it be that they both misheard at the same time? A few movements between the eyebrows, the front of the Southern Song Dynasty has gone down, Duguye and Yunzhao hesitated for a moment, looked at the attic again, turned around and went down, perhaps they were too sensitive. The Praetorian Guard went around the three men, and there was no chance for anyone to attack them. A sigh of relief, good keen two people, Liu Yue looked down at the empty building, no one left in the attic. As soon as he rolled over and jumped down, he quickly flashed toward the periphery. Without any ambush in the open and in the dark, the action is quite fast. Quickly through the hinterland of the valley, into the periphery, far away Liuyue saw the original Ouyang Yufei and Xuanyuan Che standing place, at this time has been surrounded by watertight, a dark crowd of people, where also see what Ouyang Yufei and Xuanyuan Che. There was a slight flash between the eyebrows. What were these two men doing? They were letting them draw people away, but they were definitely not letting them draw everyone to them. Quickly into a large crowd, Liu Yue stood on the commanding height here, through the neck of the people standing in front of him, the scene immediately made Liu Yue stare. I saw the place where Ouyang Yufei was standing below. At this time,stainless steel needle valve, butterflies were flying all over the sky, red, yellow, blue and white, dancing and brilliant, like a luminous ball of light, shining in the golden sunshine. And in this brilliant scene, Ouyang Yufei stood alone in the group of butterflies. The white clothes are covered with red, orange,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, yellow, green, blue and purple butterflies of various colors. The butterfly shadows fly on the hair and float between the sleeves. Waving hands, butterflies fly and warblers dance. With a smile, the earth returns to spring. The end is the celestial immortals falling into the world, and the whole body of elegance falls into the world. What a beautiful fairy. Liu Yue is surprised, ears sounded a dreamlike praise, hold back Liu Yue almost spit out a mouthful of saliva. Woman, does Ouyang Yufei look like a woman? “This woman is only because there is one in heaven, and it has to be seen several times in the world.” “I want to marry her.” “I want it too.” Listening to all the dreamy confessions around her, her eyes were full of love that did not distinguish between men and women, the corners of her mouth cramped, and a small cherry mouth almost cracked to her ear. I didn’t expect Ouyang Yufei to have such a good market, not bad, not bad. Holding back the impulse to laugh, in the crowd crowded on Ouyang Yufei’s eyes, a face of anger but had to maintain the elegant demeanor, 38 tube fitting ,14 needle valve, natural and unrestrained, Liu Yue more and more a little can not help. Go At the end of his patience, he suddenly stretched out a hand and dragged her out, but it was Xuanyuan Che with a brilliant face. Not a good man The tip of the eyebrow and the corner of the eye were full of proud smiles, and Liu Yue knew at a glance that Xuanyuan Che must have done something. What’s the matter? Liu Yue let Xuanyuan Che drag her away and asked in a low voice with a smile. When Xuanyuan Che heard this, he squinted at the bees and butterflies on the other side. He turned his head and winked at Liu Yue and said, “I asked Du Yi for something of yours and put it in his ink.” As soon as Liu Yue heard this, she burst out laughing. Du Yi has something she used to configure in her hand, which is used for communication or tracking. It is a strong fragrance that people can’t smell, but animals are very sensitive to. Usually used between the blood shadow guard, is diluted in the dilution, but today I do not know how much Xuanyuan Che used for Ouyang Yufei, unexpectedly attracted so many bees and butterflies to him. This time, it is difficult for Ouyang Yufei not to be famous. The moment looked back at the suppressed anger of Ouyang Yufei, Liu Yue smiled and waved to Ouyang Yufei, turned around and disappeared into the crowd with Xuanyuan Che. Leave Ouyang Yufei and go. Being so famous, she’s out of the picture. Watching Liu Yue slip away with a brilliant smile, Ouyang Yufei was almost breathless and vomited blood. He did things for her. In the end, he was thrown here alone to make a fool of himself. Anger, anger. The butterfly dance is flying and colorful. The sky is blue and cloudless. Today, it is really a good day. Immortals come to the world, and flower fairies come to heaven.
This year, the Hundred Flowers Fair was completely conquered by a man, whose good name swept the whole capital of the Southern Song Dynasty, Chaocheng, along the warm spring wind. In a moment, no one knows, no one knows. The wonderful scene of butterflies flying around bees is even more passed on. From noon to evening, in a short period of half a day, many versions have been changed, and finally it is fixed as Ouyang Yufei falling from the sky, flying with white clouds, butterflies flying on the ground, shining all over the body, stepping on seven stars and flowing clouds, which is really immortal. And this is only limited to the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty today. I don’t know if it will become Ouyang Yufei if it is passed on like this tomorrow. This is the Jade Emperor’s personal inspection, or it will eventually evolve into Pangu’s creation of the world by Ouyang Yufei? I don’t know. Chaocheng, Yufeng Tower, the first inn in Chaocheng. Night falls and the stars are bright. Bang. Kicked open the closed door, Ouyang Yufei came in with a murderous look, staring at the room of Liuyue, Xuanyuan Che, Du Yi, three people. Liu Yue looked up and saw Ouyang Yufei, who was always elegant and neatly dressed. At this time, his hair was slightly messy, and his white skirt had turned into red, white and blue. He did not know whether it was the excrement and urine of a butterfly or something else. There were a few wrinkles. Although the expression is not discomfited, but absolutely no past elegant demeanor, free and easy. With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Liu Yue looked at the murderous Ouyang Yufei and said with a smile, “I’m back, earlier than I imagined.” And the side of the Xuanyuan Che face has been restored to an expressionless face, the standard of a motionless guard like a mountain, it is a strange look is not,ball valve manufacturer, as if it has nothing to do with him. Stepping into the door with a sullen face, Ouyang Yufei took a look at the smiling Liuyue and glanced at the iceberg-like Xuanyuan Che. His eyes narrowed, and his snow-white teeth were white and frightening in the night. chinaroke.com

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