After hearing Tang Guizhi’s words, Tang Chuanhe sighed deeply, “You stay at home first.” Then let Tang Guizhi make a fire to cook something for Niang. With tears in her eyes, Zhou Ju touched her hand and took the milk doll from Tang Guifang’s hand. Tang Guizhi went to prepare food according to the words, but there was some anger in her eyes. Ye Qiu held back his fatigue and pulled his youngest sister Tang Guizhi. “There was still a bowl of porridge left last night. Put a ladle of water in the pot and boil it. Put the porridge in and make it thin. Let the second sister and the children pad their stomachs first.” Then he went to sit down at the door of the stove and prepared to make a fire. Zhou Ju Wen Yan, “Yes, youngest sister, first according to your fifth sister-in-law said, do something to eat, pad the stomach.” Then he said to Tang Guifang, “This is Laowu’s daughter-in-law, Ye Qiu. You didn’t attend their wedding before.” “Sister and brother, make you laugh.” Tang Guifang is very embarrassed, the first time we met, we poured out the old sesame and rotten millet in our family. Second sister, we are a family. You’re an outsider. After a pause, Ye Qiu said with a smile, “Second Sister, I married Old Tang. You didn’t come because of confinement. You have to stay longer this time.”. Anyway, the children are brought, and there is nothing for you to worry about at home. Although our old Tang family is a little poor, it’s not that there’s no one. The Li family thought that no one in the Tang family said anything, so they went even further, right? This time let them see if there is anyone in the Tang family! Chapter 30 serial. After Ye Qiu helped the youngest sister cook,Nail production machine, she went back to her room to catch up on her sleep. Just before returning to the house, Ye Qiu gave her mother-in-law Zhou Ju all the food stamps on her body and asked her to go to the grain station to exchange all the food. Ye Qiu has twenty pieces, one catty, three catties, five catties, five catties are more. Food coupons, rice coupons, flour coupons,Automatic nail machine, coarse food coupons, fine food coupons, millet coupons, potato coupons and so on. There are eighty catties of grain in all. At that time, cooking was usually made into gruel with water and grain, and more vegetable leaves were added to eat. Only in this way can the grain be eaten longer. So if an adult can eat one kilogram a day, he will have a good life. At present, the Tang family has Ye Qiu, the youngest sister Tang Guizhi, the two elders Tang Chuanhe and Zhou Ju, plus Tang Guifang and three children, who eat up to six catties of grain a day, and eighty catties are enough to eat for more than ten days. But the Tang family also has some coarse grains such as black noodles and jade noodles, which are usually eaten together. After careful calculation, they should be able to eat for more than a month. However, Ye Qiu asked her mother-in-law Zhou Ju to exchange food for Tang Guizhi’s daughter. It’s less than two months old, and it looks very thin. Crying is more like a cat’s meow, Coil nail machine ,Nail machine supplier, and Ye Qiu feels a little distressed when he hears it. In fact, it is reasonable to say that such a small guy should not eat rice porridge, after all, the gastrointestinal function is not perfect, but Tang Guizhi has no milk. _ Haoyang E-Bookstore Www. Chnxp. Com. Cn _ Download _ Download _ and _ Online _ Read _ Read _ At that time, there was no milk powder in the countryside. In order to feed the children, as long as they could eat, they would feed the children. It’s good to have porridge. Some people give it to their children after adults chew it up. However, strange to say, most of the children were fed like this at that time, and most of the children grew up healthily. Zhou Ju looked at the food stamps in her hand, her eyes moist. I don’t know whether I was moved by Ye Qiu’s generosity or sad about Tang Guizhi’s situation. Tang Chuanhe puffed out his smoke and looked at Ye Qiu with relief in his eyes. Shanzi can marry this daughter-in-law, it is really their old Tang family ancestral grave smoke. Tang Guifang was worried about the new sister-in-law, but she didn’t expect to be so reasonable. So he took his daughters to live in the Tang family for five days. And for five days, the Li family has been no one to pick up, even Li Weiguo is also. Although Tang Chuanhe also agreed to live with his daughter, but the married daughter poured out the water, the daughter is already Lao Li, this has been in the mother’s home is not a thing. So on the way to work, I always talk to Zhou Ju. Zhou Ju ignored Tang Chuanhe, and she was worried all the time. She was worried not only about her daughter, but also about her three granddaughters. I used to think that my son-in-law was a good one, but when this happened, I could see that he was good or bad. Two Ya came back for so many days, Li Weiguo unexpectedly did not come to see a day, it seems that two Ya in the Li family life is more bitter. If she hadn’t been a child this time, she certainly wouldn’t have come back.
Thinking of what she had suffered before, Zhou Ju regretted how she had taken a fancy to this cruel man at the beginning. Ye Qiu has been busy with the fields of space these days, quietly pulling seedlings from the fields outside and planting them in the seven fields of space. At first, Ye Qiu was afraid that the plants would not survive, so he experimented for a day. Unexpectedly, the seedlings planted in the space the first day grew very fast and doubled their height in one night. So the next day Ye Qiu planted seven fields in the space. But in order not to let people find out, Ye Qiu ran a lot of fields, a field also only pulled seven or eight plants, busy day before the end. Then in the evening, he went into the space and began to transplant rice seedlings. Day and night upside down, Ye Qiu almost forgot Tang Guifang this person. Later, because the seedlings and corn balls grew very fast inside, Ye Qiu planted all the fields in the space with crops. Of course, they were all quietly transplanted from the outside when they went to work. What is more surprising is that the corn balls transplanted on the first day have grown almost as high as Ye Qiu, and the corn silk has begun to emerge. According to this growth, Ye Qiu can eat tender corn in less than twenty days. Ye Qiu was ecstatic at the thought of this possibility. Therefore, immersed in this surprise, Ye Qiu did not notice Tang Guifang’s increasingly gloomy look. Until today, when Ye Qiu came back from work, he suddenly heard Li Donghong, who was sitting at the door of the stove, sending firewood to the stove. He looked at Li Xiahong with tears in his eyes, “Sister, Dad doesn’t want Niang and our three sisters.” Li Xiahong stepped on the low bench and was filling the pot with water. Hearing this, she immediately said, “Don’t always put Grandma’s words in your heart.”. Dad will definitely come back to pick us up. Although Li Xiahong said so,iron nail machine, Ye Qiu wiped her tears when she saw her turn around. Really? Li Donghong did not believe it, “but I heard my aunt say that it must be my grandmother who did not let my father pick us up and asked my mother to send a message to my father quietly.”. Otherwise, what if Dad really doesn’t come to pick us up? Li Xiahong was stunned when she heard this.

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