“To be on the safe side.” Shi Xuan is speaking in a tone of surprise and uncertainty: “To further confirm the movement of the Han army, it is necessary to prepare for the retreat, can not be trapped here.” “Prince, don’t miss a great opportunity!” Zhang Qun insisted: “Even if the periphery of the Han army to kill, we also have at least two days or so.”. As long as the use of high force storm, two days enough for us to break through the camp, Jie Shi even if it is to retreat to your majesty also have an account. Speaking of Shi Hu, Shi Xuan was afraid. He thought about it and said something that stunned Zhang Qun: “Well, let’s not withdraw to Yecheng, but withdraw to Shangdang County to observe the situation. If we have a chance, we will make a comeback. If the situation is not right, we will enter Qin.” For a moment, Zhang Qun had an impulse to slap his mouth. The situation that followed was a sudden change for some people. The morale of the encircled Huan Wen’s troops dropped to a certain extent, but they found that the enemy’s offensive had stopped. The Shijie Zhao Army, which surrounded Huan Wen’s troops, watched Shi Xuan’s troops leave the battlefield with inexplicable eyes. Huan Wen’s guess was that there were reinforcements coming, and Tiao You suggested trying to counterattack. After the two agreed to launch a counterattack,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, it turned out that a round of counterattack directly led to the collapse of the enemy who had lost command. Two days later, the Northern Expedition Corps, which was attacking from the south to the north, arrived at Chaoge. Huan Wen and Tiao You saw Kui Jiantong and Li Tan in high spirits. You’re too late. At this moment, there was no cloud on Huan Wen’s face. His face was full of red light and he showed off: “The enemy has been defeated by our troops. Most of the routed troops are fleeing northward.” Kui Jiantong and Li Tan have learned about the war situation, before the exchange of more than once said a strange combination of circumstances, they have sent to contact Huan Wen was a person who did not complete the task. Li Tan said to Huan Wen,Flushometer valve, “General Lang, you have won here, but the difficulty of encircling General Xie Lang and General Li Lang has increased.” Huan Wen “Hum?” With a cry, I felt full of unhappiness for a moment. It was a close call for them to stick to it. It was not easy for them to win a big victory. How could they cause trouble to friendly forces. Chapter 451 I always feel that time is not waiting for me. Li Tan’s official career has been very smooth, it can be said that he has not encountered any obstacles, it is hard to avoid being angry when he is young, and inadvertently offends people. In the Chaoge battlefield, Shi Xuan led the troops of Donggong Gaoli and Jie people to retreat. The miscellaneous soldiers saw that they had fled after they left. Huan Wen’s counterattack was almost immediately defeated. A defeat did not bring much success to Huan Wen’s troops, but only killed three or five thousand people and captured more than twenty-seven thousand. This is related to the fatigue of Huan Wen’s troops, they were surrounded for too long, the troops were fighting in rotation, and then they did not have much cavalry, stainless steel shower tray ,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, so the results were quite limited. The final decisive stage is not satisfactory, a month and nineteen days to fight down the results are great, can statistics data is to destroy more than eighty thousand of the enemy, their loss is the loss of nearly thirty thousand combat effectiveness, can statistics of their own foot soldiers killed for 14007 people. Later, Ran Min came in person and informed that Xie An and Li Kuang had acted according to the plan. The information that can be learned is that Xie An stopped the retreating Shi Xuanyu, and the two sides fought about forty miles northwest of Chaoge. Li Kuang’s troops also encountered the enemy, reported that the enemy encountered are a small group of a small group, the number is quite large. The Shijie Zhao army that Li Kuang encountered was the group that collapsed from the Chaoge battlefield. Of course, the Shijie routed soldiers who lost their organizational system were small groups. Their main task was to double team. Most of them continued to March towards their destination, leaving a small number of troops to surrender the Shijie routed soldiers. There is no new news about the situation of Xie An’s side. Ran Min’s order is to let Li Tan lead his headquarters to support him, and arrange for his old subordinates to dismount and lead ten thousand Qingqi as a support. Yu Lin army is a sudden cavalry nature, one person three horses is very suitable as a support force, Li Tan who got the order left happily, did not see Huan Wen that bad eyes. Ran Min gave a few more orders, probably to take advantage of the collapse of the Zhao army in Shijie in this direction, and the troops should advance as far as possible without stopping to rest.
Waiting for their troops to pull out, Ran Min specially entered Huan Wen’s battalion, observing that it was a very tired army, and the number of wounded soldiers in the wounded battalion was even more numerous. You fought hard. Ran Min wandered around the wounded camp, and some people’s names could still be called out. He went out of the wounded camp and said to Huan Wen, “It won’t be long before the king’s will is delivered.” Huan Wen is blind to the current situation, intentionally asked to see Ran Min attitude cold, pressed down. Ran Min’s attitude was cold because the condition of his old subordinates was so miserable that he could not have any attitude towards the king. He could only complain about Huan Wen, who was the chief general. At the end of the war, alborada reinforcements came in a hurry to go quickly, Huan Wenyou noticed that the number of troops to the north should be one hundred and thirty four thousand, the number of all kinds of cavalry reached eighty thousand, step army carrying siege equipment is sufficient. It was probably an hour after the Northern Expedition Corps all went north, and Wang Meng arrived with Liu Yan’s will, accompanied by some rewards and supplies. Wang Meng brought two letters of decree. The first decree was to reward Huan Wen and the soldiers who were still full of fighting spirit in a very difficult environment. Those who should be promoted to the title of nobility should also be promoted. The second decree was to order Huan Wen’s troops to become the reserve force of the Northern Expedition Corps and let them rest on the spot. Secretary Lang. Huan Wen was deeply impressed by Wang Meng, but they had no friendship. He greeted first, then saluted and asked, “Can you tell me what happened recently?” Wang Meng did not dare to ask too much, there was no urgent need to complete the task, patiently told Huan Wen what had happened recently. The biggest thing is that the stone tiger provoked a racial vendetta, although within the territory of the Han is the barbarians everywhere, but because the Han has been prepared, the barbarians violent movement looks quite big, but not enough to have any subversion. News keeps coming from the north. With obvious grief,Stainless Steel Toilet China, Wang Meng said, “The Jin people in Shijie fought separately and were killed very seriously. The farther north they went, the more miserable they were.” 。

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