When it comes to blue pieces, most people opt for a denim jacket, a classic that goes with everything. A blue blazer is chic with a grey hoodie and slacks; Step on a black high-top shoe for a more stylish male charm.

Pair a plaid shirt with a blue jacket and jeans to show off the boy’s charm. Wear yellow ankle boots to brighten up the look. Even roll up the jeans to match the length of the ankle boots for a better look.A simple blue jacket with a black long-sleeved shirt and black pants, simple and elegant, plus a beige plus size jeans overbust corset maternity underwear maternity dresses underbust corset plus size pants plus size dresses shapewear Plus size corset Plus size lingerie sneakers. blue coat is very handsome. Wear striped shirt inside white hoodie, pure and fresh, tie-in blue windproof coat and blue bunched pants and blue sneakers, white and blue are so good-looking together

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