Fun Times is a synthetic, colorful indie album that is sure to put you in a trance of fluttering emotions and bliss. Josh Fudge, the artist who created the album, is a 19-year-old from Oklahoma City who was born a musical talent and took his skills further.

The Fun Times album juxtaposes multicolored melodies and the melancholic message he sings about. The album is meant to be a farewell to his youthful past, with the global pandemic also having a big impact on his decision.

Kevin Focke – “Beyond the Pale Blue”

Focke’s Beyond the Pale Blue is an electronic single that transports you to an ethereal state of being. This extended play is the latest addition to his EP trilogy with Waste Away and The Cornice.

The song itself has many different tones, mainly consisting of synths reminiscent of the 80s and general house music, and many tight melodies that allow for this psychedelic, nostalgic feel while almost embracing retro synthwave in a modern form to take on this musical extravaganza.

Wilderman – “Cope Trip”

Wilderman’s single, Trending songs this week Cope Trip, is an upbeat indie single that talks about the pandemic, the internal struggles that came with it, and how people were able to digest reality, hence the title.

The music is filled with amazing computer sounds derived from the instruments, which are paired with Wilderman’s clear yet soft voice and female background vocals that create an acapella-like vocal layering.

The lyrics talk about the hopelessness of staying inside and how negative it was for everyone’s health. This message is contrasted with groovy music and melodies that listeners can enjoy, making Cope Trip a very enjoyable track for most.

Half Pair – Half Pair

Half Pair is the musical project of Maximilian Stephan, the lead singer and guitarist of the band Carpet. The album Half Pair is the German artist’s first solo album and aims to depict and help deal with the complexities of life through a series of trance-like sounds.

The music is very ’70s and similar to David Bowie and Pink Floyd, but Half Pair is more of a placeholder in the roster of those artists rather than having similar traits to them.

When listening to the album, you will experience psychedelic rock music with Stephan’s soft, drawn-out vocals and accompanying resonance from the added bass. Some songs also carry parts with layered string instruments, giving them an eerie effect similar to those found in cinema.

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